Roxanne Is also a C.E.A. (certified extension artist) "Quality is important to me and I
only use the best quality hair, whether I am doing fusion strand by strand method or using
copper cylinders with Pure Express" She prefers the flat technique to bond the hair in.
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facebook page to see some of her work or her on her instagram page or
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Roxanne is the former owner of Karma Kollective Hair Studio (2006-2012) and the
former co-owner of Hair Ink Studio (
Roxanne Muir has 20 years experience in the beauty industry,
she takes a simplistic and effective approach to cutting. She loves nice clean lines with
soft touchable layers that usually includes blowouts and flat iron work, She enjoys giving
her clients that polished look. If you are looking for something a little edgier ask her about
her sliding and razor techniques.

Roxanne believes that highlights are the ultimate accessory that every woman should try
at least once, her clients love the combination of technique and her impeccable eye for
colour that is meticulously woven in to their tresses. She loves her
Good-Girl-Gone-Bad-Blondes, her Seductive Caramels, and her Provoking Coppers.
Roxanne is continuously updating her color knowledge and education.
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SM Hair Design
1318 Queen St E