Hair Extensions
You have shoulder length hair but, you want long thick luxurious
hair, the kind that innocently dusts your color bone.

We can make it happen.

We use the best quality Indian temple Remy hair and the most
current and innovative techniques available today to give you the
hair you want. Choose between a few rows to thicken and lengthen
your locks, or as a way to correct a previous  hair cut. Or simply add
a few pieces as an alternative to highlights.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why our salon chooses Remy Hair?

A. We like supreme quality 100% natural Indian
temple Remy cuticle hair.
What this means:
Indian hair is the closest and best
suited to Caucasian hair. Remy
cuticle means that the cuticle layer of the hair is in tact and
all going in the same direction as it would in your hair
naturally, the cuticle layer provides protection and shine in
your hair. Indian temple hair is prized for its shine luxurious
feel and tangle
free manageability. As a result, most techniques you can
do with your own hair you can do with Remy Hair.

Originally black in color, it is gently bathed in a solution,
not unlike the solution used to extract pigment from
delicate cashmere wool before the dyes are added. This
method ensures minimal damage to the hair resulting in
extensions that are healthy, strong and full of body and
Q. What kind of bonds are used to fuse the hair to
the extensions
hair, I have heard that “gluing” is bad for
the hair?

A. A Keratin bond is used
We use the progressive technology of Keratin Fusion
along with the latest procedures in hair application.  Every
strand of SO.CAP. Original Hair Extensions are tipped with
a Keratin Bond and lightly coated with silicone to avoid
tangles and hair damage while
We also offer Pure Hair Extensions they are attached
with a copper cylinder and crimped in to the hair, these
extensions do not use heat or glue and are reusable up to
a few times, Pure Express can give you a full head of
extensions in about 2 hours!  

Q. What are the extensions applied with?

A. Infra light is a revolutionary machine, (by SO.CAP.
Original) that contains all the
advantages of the
traditional technologies (the hot point and the ultrasound
machines). Thanks to its innovation, it’s considered to be
an exclusive and ideal machine that is safe for all hair
types especially dry damaged hair as well as fine hair.

Pure Extensions, Pure Express are attached by
threading a copper cylinder threw the hair the copper
cylinder holds your hair and the extension hair, then we
clamp it flat with hair pliers making a secure comfortable
Here is more information about
Pure Hair Extensions
clients interested in extensions - consultations are complimentary it is important for me to see
the condition of the hair and scalp before putting in hair extensions, hair extension services
will not be preformed with out a consultation, no exceptions
Q. What are some of the different ways people use
hair extensions?
A.1) To create longer fuller hair
2) To create special color effects like highlights as well as  
adding crystals and feathers for a more exotic look.       
3) To fix bad hair cuts while growing them out
4) Clip ins for change and for fun

Q. How long will my extensions last?
A. With proper care and maintenance,
your extensions
can last in your hair from 2-4 months depending how fast
your hair grows.

Q. What condition will my hair be in after I have them
A. Your hair will be just as it was before the
extensions were put in,
provided you use the proper
products and take proper care of them.

Q. Are hair extensions comfortable to wear?
A. They feel like your own hair.
7) Be sure to take extra care on vacation. Over exposure to the sun, sand, salt water, chlorinated
water, sulphur and mineral salts from hot springs, could affect the hair and bond. Spray s-block
treatment before going in to the pool or ocean.

8) To style hair you can use Velcro rollers, any hot tools you like as long as you avoid touching
the bond with the hot tools. Avoid overhead dryers.

9) Do not use shampoos containing sulphur, like most dandruff shampoos, as this will dry the hair
and cause the bonds to deteriorate. Use sulphate free shampoo only

10) Do not use silicone or oily products near the bond as it may get inside the bond itself and
cause the bond to slip out. Do not use organic shampoos and conditioners on hair extensions, the
natural oils found in many organic products can cause damage to the bond.

1) Do not shampoo hair for 48 hours after having them
put in.

2) Before bed tie hair back in a scrunchie or a braid to
prevent tangling, if possible sleep on a silk pillow case.

3) Brush hair with a loop brush or a boar bristle
, in sections, from the bottom up.

4) When washing your hair, always tilt your head
and lather from the top down. Do not scrub
aggressively, but rather gently, lather from scalp to ends.
Never go to bed with wet hair.

5) To dry, wrap hair in towel to absorb the water,
gently squeeze. Do not use scrubbing action. The hair
extension bonds should never stay wet for too long.It is
mandatory that you dry them with a blow dryer, you may
choose to allow the actual hair it self to air dry or diffuse
the hair when you are in a hurry. If you’re in
chlorinated or salt water, wash hair immediately, condition
the ends and dry the bonds.

6) If you sun tan, whether naturally or in a tanning
, cover your hair completely. Sun exposure from
tanning beds can cause particular damage to your
extension bonds.
How to take care of your hair extensions
Q. How long does it take to put in hair extensions?
A. It completely depends on what you’re having done
and what kind of hair you have to begin
with. Upon your consultation a cost and time frame will be given. Consultations are complimentary.

Q. How long does my own hair have to be to safely have hair extensions?
A. Your own hair has to be about 5 inches long
to be able to support the extra hair.  A general
rule of thumb when extending hair is the double rule, what ever length you have we can double it! So
if you have chin length hair we can safely extend it to your
chest area and so on.
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